Maintenance Engineer / Maintenance Head – Beverage Industry

December 18, 2021
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Job Description

To perform and manage all preventive maintenance, repairs, trouble shooting, installations related to all Plant Machineries including but not limited to;
SIDEL Combi Production Line , 5 Gallon Line, Ice cubes Manufacturing Machines, all plant & factory premises mechanical & electrical equipment’s.

• Sets up jobs from start to finish including setting up the machine to run the cycle, training the operator, supervising machining, and setting down after the job is complete.
• Manage the maintenance all machinery to ensure it’s at working standards.
• Create and implement maintenance procedures.
• Conduct regular inspections of the facilities to detect and resolve problems. Plan and manage all repair, installation and parts activities. Assign repair schedules and evaluate repair cost estimates.
• Ensure all department workers adhere to the safety policies and procedures.
• Document and prepare daily progress reports and maintenance logs.
• Oversee equipment stock and place orders for new supplies when necessary.
• Supervise and lead all maintenance processes and operations. Supervises machines in their block to ensure everything is running smoothly and assists operators as needed.
• Make adjustments within allowable limits and monitor operator techniques and evaluating materials to assure quality products.
• Track expenses and oversee the budget for maintenance.
• Assist in starting-up of machines each day as the shift begins and ensures that the parts are compliant with the assistance of Quality Assurance as needed.
• Instruct operators in proper and safe operation of the machine and related processes. Maintain all company supplied and personal tools for efficient use at all times.
• Manage to keep a clean and orderly workplace.
• Optimize process settings at setup for the production of acceptable parts.
• Ensure product is in conformance with established quality guidelines.
• Maintain daily maintenance and safety checks on designated machines. Maintain Mold Catalog database.
• Supervise in the troubleshooting and debug of new molds. Assist in the diagnosing of molding problems.
• Perform other work assignments as directed by the Reporting Manager.

Desired Candidate Profile
Electro Mechanical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer
Work Experience Background from reputed Packaged Drinking Water / Beverage Manufacturing company.
Good Communication & Leadership skills
Team work & Planning Skills
Must have prior experience in setting up maintenance Sops