Laundry Supervisor

December 18, 2021
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Job Description

Job Description
The Laundry Supervisor will be responsible for pre-opening and normal daily operations at a new central commercial laundry, Cedara Laundry in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

Roles and Responsibilities

– Turn on and check all boilers, washing machines, dryers, and irons and make sure all equipment are in good operating condition.
– Check water and fuel levels and ensure refilled timely.
– Set priorities for the day for Laundry staff.
– Assign and review the work of all staff engaged in receiving, washing, ironing, packaging, and delivering laundry to various clients,
– Keep count and records of all items processed, and supplies consumption.
– Personally supervise the spotting and washing of all stained items.
– Responsible for the correct ironing and folding of all items.
– Inspect all items and orders for quality assurance before they leave the Laundry.
– Coordinate collection and delivery of all households’ orders.
– Responsible for communication with all B2B clients (hotels, restaurants, etc.) for all cleaning requirements, forecasts, and complaints.
– Prepare weekly schedules based on business demand.
– Prepare weekly performance summary reports.
– Responsible for all inventories.
– Initiate purchase requests for supplies like detergent, soaps, bleaches, packaging items, and other supplies to maintain inventory levels.
– Responsible for staff morale, productivity, and timesheets.
– Prepare checklists and procedures, and ensure they are effectively used by staff.
– Train and mentor the new workers.
– Before leaving each day, make sure all machines are turned off correctly, areas are clean, safe, and hazard free and everything securely locked.

– Must have prior managerial or supervisory experience in commercial or hotel laundry operations.
– Must be able to use computer programs.